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  • The Wanderlust Age Holistic Life-Coaching

    Providing a Safe, Non-Clinical Space for Growth


    Our Holistic Coaching Services are a safe, approachable space to be able to problem solve and grow.


    We assure you that our services are not clinical in nature, rather holistic, non-judgmental and a more inviting approach to counselling.


    Our services aim to Empower the client, rather than "Teach". We believe that each individual client has the answers they are looking for, they are just in need of some guidance and a safe space to discover them.

    Self-Care Tool Kit Coaching Sessions


    The wanderlust age is now offering self-care tool kit coaching sessions. A 30 minute facetime/skype coaching session to guide you through these uncertain times. Now, more than ever...it’s so bloody important to take control of how we are taking care of ourselves!

    The Wanderlust Age Online Community


    The Wanderlust Age Online Community is a Safe Space to Connect, to Continue to Learn About Yourself and to Continue to Grow in a Supportive Non-Judgmental Environment!


    This Group will be Offering a Range of Resources, Videos, Live Discussions, Zoom Connection Calls and Challenges for you to feel Empowered, Capable and Supported through these hectic times!



    Wanderlust Age Mentoring/Coaching for Young People


    The Wanderlust Age offers Coaching/Mentoring for Young people aged 7-18yrs.


    These sessions are a holistic approach to counselling and provide a safe space for your Warriors to Work through Challenges and Problem Solve with guidance.


    These sessions are based Outdoors in beautiful parks around Perth with Online options too!



  • The Wanderlust Age Programs

    Wellness Programs for Adults and Young People

    The Wanderlust Age is a movement that aims to empower whole communities, one mind at a time. The movement was founded by Darielle Asch, a Behavior Consultant, Life Coach and Self-Love Activist, who is passionate about empowering Individuals from the age of 4yrs+. The Wanderlust Age caters to both Adults and Young People, as we understand the importance of a Preventative Approach in Mental Health Care.


    The movement’s purpose is to create a support system to empower, encourage, inspire and acknowledge one another in all of our beautiful diversity.


    The Wanderlust Warriors Program


    The Wanderlust Warriors Program is a term-based program aimed at empowering GIRLS and BOYS aged 7-18yrs to gain confidence, resilience, self-awareness, mindfulness and the ability to tackle any challenges that may come their way.


    This program has previously been run at the beautiful yoga studio space within 2 Spaces Around Perth, WA: Vital Beat Yoga Edgewater and Clear Mind Studio in Inglewood. .



    Term 3 of 2020 will be starting on Saturday August 1st and will consist of 3 x 2hr Workshops for our Girls and teens throughout the Term.


    The Location of our Workshops is yet to be confirmed, however will most certainly be both in the Inglewood Area and in the Edgewater area too.


    In addition to our 3 Workshops for girls aged 7-18yrs, we will be Introducing an Incredible New Workshops for Boys!


    Our Wanderlust Warrior Inner & Outer Strength Workshops will be focusing not only on working on Inner strength, Self-Awareness and Resilience, but will focus on building Confidence in a physical sense; through healthy movement and exercise. We are so excited to introduce these integrated workshops with the first one on Saturday August 15th.



    For More Details on Our Term 3 Warriors Workshops, see our Event's section Below or feel free to send us through an email to:






    Enrollments through our Events Section Below...


    The Wanderlust Age School Program


    The Wanderlust Age Wellness Programs are focused on empowering young women/girls, as well as young men/boys between the ages of 4 and 18 years of age to develop self-awareness, empathy, confidence, resilience and mindfulness. We are firm believers that every young woman and young man has the ability to gain these skills and characteristics they are just in need of the right mentors/role models, as well as a safe space to be able to learn and grow.


    The Wanderlust Age workshops and ongoing programs provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for young women and young men to gain insight into what it means to be self-aware, as well as understanding that their choices and behaviour are very much in their control.


    With an overwhelming number of young men and women struggling with issues such as; bullying, anxiety, depression, the inability to regulate emotions and negative body image; it is vital that we are supporting this future generation to become resilient enough to deal with all that life may throw their way.The Wanderlust Age sessions and workshops will consist of a range of activities focusing on; sharing experiences, mindfulness, self-care and self-love, building confidence and resilience, embracing diversity, as well as learning how to truly express themselves and be supported with no judgment.


    In addition to the benefits for students, another important aspect of The Wanderlust Age focuses on empowering teachers and other education staff. It is so common that schools will bring external services and support into the school environment to work on issues the students are dealing with. At the Wanderlust Age, we aim to empower the teachers to feel confident enough to utilize particular techniques and strategies to implement the program themselves. For More Information regarding the School Programs and to book in for a meeting with The Wanderlust Age Team, feel free to contact us through our "Get In Touch" button on our website, or send us through an email to: thewanderlustage@gmail.com



    Opportunities to work with The Wanderlust Age:

    • Wellness Events & Workshops
    • Workplace Wellness-Development Workshops for Staff & Management
    • Collaborations with other Wellness Organizations and Professionals; including program development, guest speaking on topics including body confidence, self-awareness, self-care, resilience & holistic wellness approaches 
    • Become a Peer Mentor for our Wanderlust programs
    • Enquire about becoming a Wanderlust Age Facilitator 

    To Enquire about working with us please scroll down and Get in Touch via THE WANDERLUST AGE ENQUIRIES section of our Site

  • Upcoming Events

    Enrollments for Programs, Events & Wellness Workshops

    Workplace Wellness - Development Workshops

    Available from January 20th 2020

    To Enquire, or book in for a meeting to discuss how we can support your business head down to our contact form or send us through an email to: thewanderlustage@gmail.com

    Wanderlust Winter Weekender: Reconnect & Retreat

    Premalaya Yallingup

    Friday June 26th - Sunday June 28th

    (SOLD OUT)

    To Get Your Warrior Involved Send us Through an Email: thewanderlustage@gmail.com

    The Rebellious Act of Liking Yourself...

    Saturday July 18th


    Location TBA


    A Wanderlust Age event Empowering you to start appreciating the sh*t Out of Who You Are! When it is so common for us to critique ourselves, our worth and what we're capable of... Join us in Finding Your Inner Rebel!




    Wanderlust Warriors Inner & Outer Strength Workshop

    Boys 7-11yrs & Boys 12-18yrs

    Exciting new workshops Running at The Awesome New Mobius Health & Performance Space in Joondalup.


    Saturday August 15th


    Boys 7-11yrs: 10am


    Boys 12-18yrs: 12pm

    To Get Your Warrior Involved Send us Through an Email: thewanderlustage@gmail.com

    Wanderlust Warriors Term 3 Workshops (Girls 7-11yrs)

    The First of 3 Warriors Workshops for Term 3.


    This 2 hour Workshop will be focusing on Providing a Space for Warriors to gain Self-Awareness and Resilience.


    Saturday August 1st


    Edgewater: 10am


    Inglewood: 11am


    To Get Your Warrior Involved Send us Through an Email: thewanderlustage@gmail.com

    Wanderlust Warriors Term 3 Workshops (Teens 12-18yrs)


    The First of 3 Warriors Workshops for Term 3.


    This 2 hour Workshop will be focusing on Providing a Space for Warriors to gain Self-Awareness and Resilience.


    Saturday August 1st


    Edgewater: 12.30pm


    Inglewood: 1.30pm


  • Need Some Questions Answered?

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Are your One-to-One Coaching Sessions Clinical?

    No, Our Holistic Life Coaching Services, are just that, Holistic in nature. We like to describe these services as a holistic, safe, non-judgmental, empowering space for the clients to be able to share, reflect and problem solve all of the challenges that life may be throwing their way.

    Where are your One-to-One Sessions Held?

    Our One-to-One services can be held in a variety of places around Perth, dependent on location and preference of each client.


    We absolutely love taking these sessions outdoors in the beautiful parks and foreshores around Perth. We find there is a feeling of relaxation and freedom in these environments that encourages our clients to open up and feel comfortable throughout the sessions. We have previously held these sessions in beautiful locations from as far north as Butler, to Trigg, South Perth and beyond.


    We do however have a space available for those clients who may not feel so comfortable being outdoors whilst sifting through emotions or topics personal to them. Our gorgeous indoor one-on-one space is located in Maylands, WA and is close to the gorgeous 8th ave coffee strip.

    Do you work with individuals of all abilities/disabilities?

    The Wanderlust Age Programs cater to a range of ages, as well as individuals with different abilities/disabilities.


    Our One-on-One services cater to Young People from the age of 4 to adults of any age. The services are also more than happy to cater to a range of different individuals with disabilities/different abilities. Our Founder, Darielle Asch, has had over 8 years of experience working with young people and adults with a range of Intellectual, Developmental and Physical Disabilities.


    Our Wanderlust Age programs for Adults and Young People cater to individuals of all abilities. If you have any queries regarding any specific event and whether it would be suitable for you, please feel free to give us a call or send us through an email and we would be happy to chat with you more about the best options.

    I'm interested in Coaching but Can't travel to your location...

    We not only offer One-on-One Coaching in and around the Perth area, but we also offer Online Coaching Options. If you are located outside of the Perth area and are interested in our coaching services, we are now providing Skype/FaceTime Coaching Calls. These calls are a great alternative for those with a busy schedule, as well as those clients living outside of Perth, or even outside of Australia.

    I am interested in your Wellness Programs for Young People, how do I know the programs would suit my Students/Young People?

    We are firm believers in being as open-minded and inclusive as possible with all of our Wellness Programs for Young People. If you are uncertain as to whether these programs would be a good fit, our Wanderlust team would be happy to chat with you to give you more information on each program. Our contact details are listed at the bottom of our web page and we are available to chat Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm.


    If you are a School/Education staff member and are looking for specific topics to be covered or issues to be focused on in a school program, we would love to meet with you and discuss options of how to cater the program to suit your needs. We are firm believers in tailoring each school program to fit the current issues/concerns the students are dealing with.

    I am interested in your Workplace Wellness-Development Workshops, how do I go about booking a workshop for my staff?

    We would love to work with your business!


    These workshops are tailored to each specific business and what they feel as though their staff would benefit from.


    To book in a meeting to discuss a potential workshop with your business, send us through an email to: theWanderlustage@gmail.com

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